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Several states still allow paddling in their school districts, and many parents firmly argue that physical discipline of children is the best way to curb bad behavior. Some say it's a form of tough love, others call it child abuse. Mocha Mom Jolene Ivey is joined by pediatrician Dr.

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Unfortunately, I have to qualify that. Our daughter was swatted on the diaper once for biting her momand our son has been swatted maybe three times on the butt and spanked once for hitting his sister. Rosemond believes that parents who spank are capable of following these guidelines: infrequent spankings, only on children younger than 10, no more than two swats with a bare hand on a clothed rear end, never in school.

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My grandmother "Nana" was the dearest, sweetest, kindest and most loving woman I've ever known, a woman who raised her six children alone after being widowed at an early age. A fierce prayer warrior and strong woman of God, she was a Sunday-school superintendent and later a church mother. And whenever she felt it necessary, Nana was deft with a strap across legs and hind parts.

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An unfortunate side effect of achieving complete global domination is that you can end up playing a symbolic role in the psychodramas of complete strangers. When Oprah confessed, on her top-rated Jan. And being able to do all of that in a medium that favors the skinny, helmet-haired, newscaster look is part of her achievement, not her failure.

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The Oprah pasting that took place over the New Year's holiday, in reaction to the pressapalooza surrounding her Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, reveals a lot about the venality, racism and hypocrisy of the talk-show host's critics, yes. But less remarked upon and equally interesting is what the explosive news cycle -- one that notably seemed to veer free of Winfrey's usual iron-fisted control -- reveals about the talk show host's own frailties, not as a philanthropist or educator, but as one of the United States' most powerful, unlikely, anomalous and isolated success stories. Winfrey's unguarded comments about the opening of her school revealed the degree to which arguably the most influential woman in the United States is still driven by the specter of her own beginnings as a poor, sexually abused child in Mississippi, and her seemingly endless spiral of desire to set the world right not simply for other young women, but for her own prepubescent self.

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Have you seen this interview? And he thoroughly questions it. What do you think?

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As they say in church, 'Hallelujah. Reynolds's poetic gifts are uncommonly powerful. In The Rapture of Canaan, she tells a truly rapturous love story and presents two unforgettable characters: the teenage heroine and her skeptical but stalwart grandmother, from whom she learns about the acceptance of loss, the pragmatism that must underlie any abiding love, and the place in every heart where God resides, waiting to reveal himself.

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I ask fathers right off the bat if they spank their children. If they say yes, I tell them to knock it off. Most accept my advice. Here are the top three reasons why.

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The Mommy Guide Being a Mom just got easier. Be in the know! Share your favorite TrendingMommyTalk with your friends now!

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As a psychotherapist and parenting educator, I often get into discussions about spanking. There are still a great number of parents who think it is okay to spank their children, despite all the evidence otherwise. Considering all the research saying spanking creates more bad behavior and negatively affects brain development, is there ever an appropriate time for spanking?


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