Do men prefer brunettes or redheads

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So, why? Why is it that blondes demand this attention from men? And yes, human evolution is behind nearly everything we humans do.

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Girls with light brown locks are the most trusted, followed by those with black hair, then dark brown and blonde. And redheads are more likely to be called Amy, Molly and Sarah and work as a hairdresser or barmaid, said new research out today. New hair colour removal brand Colourless quizzed women and men on their perceptions of different hair colours, including which they thought most trustworthy, likely names and what jobs they thought most suited them.

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For as long as men and women have been living in existence, the seemingly unanswerable question remained in our minds: blonde or brunette? Throughout history, blondes were a hidden gem, so they were long coveted among a sea of dark-haired goddesses. However, the times, they are a changing.

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Hopefully, guys don't judge a woman by her hair colorbut they have perceptions based on culture, media, and personal taste, similar to unconscious interpretation of inkblots. There are fewer redheads, so maybe that's why I haven't dated one. Despite their distinct appearance, they aren't discussed in male circles as much as blondes and brunettes. I've heard guys say red hair is a deal breaker.

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A study by researchers at City University in London found that men responded more positively to pictures of brunette and red-headed women than they did to those with blond hair. Experts said that as relations between men and women have evolved, the male of the species has become more attracted by brains, represented in their psyche by brunettes, than the more physical charms of blond hair. But stereotypes seem to persist in the male mind, with redheads seen as "fiery", brunettes as "stable" and blondes as "approachable".

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Particularly, as my friends have pointed out, after a difficult break-up. Like a complete cliche. So, after the final end of a messy, long on-off relationship in October, I changed my hair colour once more — to brunette, for the first time.

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Which Do You Prefer?? Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I have Dark brunette hair and I love it.

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A new study has found that gentlemen prefer brunettes. Well, sort of. There's more to it than that.

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Which do you prefer: Blondes or brunettes? Redheadsperhaps? The results revealed that, compared to women with dark hair, men found light-haired ladies more attractive overall, but more specifically, perceived them as younger and healthier. However, there is one downfall of blondes, apparently -- they were also seen as more promiscuouswhich is generally not a good thing.