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About this statistic. Show source. Attitude towards inter-religious marriages among young adults in India

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Asia is the largest and most populous continent and the birthplace of many religions including BuddhismChristianityConfucianismHinduismIslamJainismJudaismShintoSikhismTaoismand Zoroastrianism. All major religious traditions are practiced in the region and new forms are constantly emerging. Asia is noted for its diversity of culture.

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Make Your Own List. Interview by Alec Ash. China is a religious country with all kinds of faiths being practised across its vast territories—despite Mao's attempts to eradicate them.

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Asian American religions have dramatically increased their presence in the United States. Partly, this is a function of the increasing population of Asian Americans since Asian American is a name given to the United States residents who trace their ancestry back to the area of Asia from Pakistan in the west to the Pacific islands east of the Asian landmass. There are over 18 million Asian Americans in the United States about 6 percent of the national populationand Asians are immigrating to the country at rates that far exceed those for any other group.

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Asia possesses some of the most cutting-edge and finest universities in the world. While we're all accustomed to the powerhouse and traditional American and U. Leading the way in terms of advanced future research, while also partnering with established university systems around the world — Asia has become a destination for some of the world's best and brightest.

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In absolute terms, there are twice as many Christians 1. In addition, the lists illustrate the extent to which the population centers for these religions have moved away from their historical and traditional hubs. The countries with the five highest Muslim populations are all in South and Southeast Asia or in sub-Saharan Africa, rather than the Middle East; and the countries with the three highest Christian populations are in the Americas rather than in the Middle East or Europe.

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It is a study that shows wide and deep reading in comparative religion and philosophy, and it greatly enlightens us with regard to how Hindu and Buddhist ideas came to shape the work of many intellectual thinkers. Transcendentalism is well-known as a peculiarly American philosophical and religious movement. Less well-known is the extent to which such famous Transcendentalists as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau drew on religions of Asia for their inspiration.

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Vietnam is officially an atheist country, as declared by the country's communist regime. Although in theory the country enjoys freedom of religion, in practice there are a number of limitations on worship. For instance, only eight, state-sanctioned religions are officially permitted, and no religion may propagate an ideology that is considered to contradict that of the government. Despite this, Vietnam has a number of major religions, each with a large number of followers - the most significant of which is Mahayana Buddhism, which claims a

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The ancient Indo-Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism known to natives as Mazdayasna — said to date back to the 2nd millennium BCE — emerged in its current version from the teachings of the reforming prophet Zoroaster Zarathustrawho historians contend lived at some point between the 10th and 6th centuries BCE they disagree somewhat. Extremely influential over the development of the Abrahamic tradition, it was the state religion of various Persian empires until the Muslim conquest of the 7th century CE, and survives in parts of IranIndiaand Iraq to this day, reportedly followed by somepeople. This may make these creeds as old, if not older, as Zoroastrianism.

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Every Sunday morning, Mr Olsen Zheng puts on his smartest outfit and makes his way to a movie theatre in the heart of Beijing. The hall is packed to the brim, but it is not a box office hit that has drawn the crowds. Rather, it is an underground church service that has the theatre so full that people are sitting on the floor.


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