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At her age, Mdm Park should be at home, surrounded by her children and grandchildren. Instead, she stands on the streets for at least 6 hours a day, waiting for customers. Her arthritis is so severe that she can barely walk.

An officer from the Lampang Immigration Office said South Korean authorities rescued the year-old girl from a massage parlour in Busan shortly after being alerted by Thailand's Immigration Bureau on Wednesday night. Prot said his office had been contacted at 8pm on Wednesday by a woman, 37, who said that her daughter, 18, had been deceived to work as a prostitute in Busan for more than a month. The woman said her daughter had travelled to South Korea as a tourist and was promised a job as a masseuse but her employer forced her into prostitution.

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Research Project Korea is urgently looking for an English-to-Korean translator for a one-off translation job. We are therefore looking for a translator who will translate a detailed critique, written by Sonja Dolinsek and myself, in which we debunk the claims of the SPIEGEL report, to make it available to Korean audiences. Does legal prostitution really increase human trafficking in Germany?

South Korea, a wealthy, powerful Asian super-state, technology hub and stalwart U. Indeed, paid sex is available all over South Korea -- in coffee shops, shopping malls, the barber shop, hotels, motels, as well as the so-called juicy bars, frequented by American soldiers, and the red-light districts, which operate openly. Internet chat rooms and cell phones have opened up whole new streams of business for ambitious prostitutes and pimps.

Talks, had they happened, would have been an extraordinary moment in the history of the United States and Afghanistan. Foreign aid policy has long operated under the principle that financial assistance should prioritize humanitarian need. One reason Boris Johnson wants an early election is to get it done before swaths of students register to vote.

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The streets of the red-light districts in South Korea are teeming with people looking for sexual gratification. There is little to disrupt business in this sex capital. Young men and women go into these district and rarely come out.

The sex trade involved some 94 million transactions indown from million in The amount of money traded for prostitution was over 14 trillion won, much less than 24 trillion won in Before the modernization of Korea, there were no brothelsbut a caste of the women for the elite landholding classes performed sexual labor.

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The news organization cites a problem with statistics, as well as an overemphasis on the role that academics play in teens' decisions to run away from home, as its reasons for revising its piece. The Huffington Post has updated this article to reflect the new information. Overworked and stressed South Korean teenagers are running away from home in increasing numbers.

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While a list of female celebrities allegedly involved in prostitution has been circulating among the public for the past week, some of those named -- including a number of K-pop girl group singers -- are vehemently protesting the rumors in an unprecedented string of public statements. Subin of girl group Dal Shabet followed suit the next day. On Monday, Yang Ji-won of girl group Spica also released a statement decrying the rumors as did actresses Kang So-ra, Nam Bo-ra and Shin Se-kyung who each released a statement the same day.

As eager young American servicemen from nearby Camp Casey started to fill the bar around her, the woman repeatedly touched a patron suggestively and offered a proposition as thinly veiled as she was scantily clad. Prostitution and indentured servitude are everyday realities at many of these popular hangouts for American soldiers, according to past and present bar girls, many of whom were enticed from the Philippines to work in the South Korean bars with false promises that they could earn legitimate incomes as singers and entertainers. The U.


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