Innersound eros mk ii dimensions

I first heard Inner Sound electrostatic speakers, the predecessors to Sanders Sound speakers, nearly a decade ago at an audio show. I was immediately impressed and each successive year at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest I made a point of listening to them, often bringing friends to do the same. He graciously agreed.

Innersound burst onto the audiophile scene in with the introduction of the Eros, a hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker. Designed by Roger Sanders, the Eros mated a flat-paneled electrostatic driver to a 10" dynamic woofer housed in a transmission-line enclosure. Though credited with inventing the curved electrostatic panel, Sanders had forsaken his invention in favor of flat panels, with their narrower dispersion patterns and resultant reductions in room interactions and distortions.

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You can respect them, without ever really warming up to them in that let-it-all-hang-out way that you could, say, do with an old beloved friend. And let's say that, like the early Wilson Watts or the early Aerial Acoustics designs, this is how I feel about some of today's best, most distinguished designs. I hear all the things they're doing right, and I'm impressed criticallybut it's still just a speaker, Ingrid.

Manufacturer InnerSound, Inc. The revisions are extensive, involving both the speakers and the electronics, and will be detailed in this article. InnerSound is one of the very few high-end companies that, should you choose to use their gear exclusively, you are almost guaranteed to end up with a great sounding system. This applies not only to their speaker systems, but to their phono preamp, line stage preamp, power amplifiers and their excellent interconnects and speaker cables.

Tape decks Tuners View All Analog. Solid state Tube View All Integrateds. Accessories D.

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A massive output stage using 20 transistors makes the amplifier extremely rugged and reliable. It will drive the most difficult low impedance and reactive loads without strain or damage, which is why it is ideal for driving electrostatic loudspeakers. The finest quality, German, gold-plated, WBT binding posts are used.

Search form Search. Floor Loudspeaker Reviews. I was trading e-mails with Roger Sanders, manufacturer of the Eros Mk.

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It will drive any speaker to full tilt boogie and never break a sweat while sounding excellent in the process. The perfect amp, I know, I had 3. MADE for stats. The regular cone and dome or maybe cone and ribbon speakers that most folks have?

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Review at a Glance Sound Smooth, fast, transparent, delicate and dynamic. Narrow sweet spot and a touch light in the deepest bass, but oh what they do! Features Must be biamped, but external active crossover unit with integral Wpc bass amplifier is included.

Hi, this is an interesting article wrote in about the mind behinf Innersound, Roger Sanders. The authors are Jeff Fritz and Marc Mickelson. InInnersound changed hands and relocated from Georgia to Boulder, Colorado. The new owner and CEO, Gary Leeds, was kind enough to let us visit with him and Sanders who is still the chief engineer and designer while they were setting up their new facilities.


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