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Don't get William H. Macy started. Push the right button and the actor will go off on the MPAA ratings boardwhich recently ruled that his new movie, "The Cooler," would be given an NC- 17 rating unless an offending scene was trimmed.

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The Cooler is a American neo-noir [1] romantic drama film directed by Wayne Kramer. The original screenplay was written by Kramer and Frank Hannah. In old-school gambling parlance, a casino "cooler" is an unlucky individual, usually a casino employee, whose mere presence at the gambling tables usually results in a streak of bad luck for the other players.

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There is nothing like the visceral jolt of seeing Ruffalo's face ensconced in Ryan's rump, to hammer home exactly how rare it is to see oral sex depicted on multiplex screens - especially when the relevant roving lips reside on the faces of bona fide movie stars, rather than doubles. But Ryan and Ruffalo are about to get company on their travels below the belt, as Hollywood experiences early tremors of a graphic oral sexual revolution. The results may be titillating, but the cumulative impact speaks less to shock value than to the way the film industry's portrayal of realistic sexuality is beginning to evolve.

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William H. As Macy jokes, it took several decades for a director to finally ask him to take his pants off in front of the camera. Macy: Everything comes through my agent. Wayne Kramer sent the script to her, and I read it and I liked it.

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Directed by: Wayne Kramer. The Cooler is a small, but well acted film about luck and love in Las Vegas. Where the movie fails, is in its somewhat unbelievable love story.

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Those who have nursed dirty Meg Ryan fantasies ever since she told Anthony "Goose" Edwards to take her to bed or lose her forever in "Top Gun" probably already have their tickets for "In the Cut," Jane Campion's choppy, erotic thriller that opened on Wednesday. In it, a mustachioed and criminally attractive Mark Ruffalo takes recovering-moppet Ryan to bed, plants her on her stomach, spreads her legs, and performs oral sex on her from behind in a scene that lasts a breathtaking two minutes. A steady master shot with no quick cuts and no "Is that what I think it is?

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Cloudy this morning. A few showers developing during the afternoon. High 72F.

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Specifically, a sex scene between William H. Macy and Maria Bello. Director Wayne Kramer has managed to give audiences something all too rare in films these days--a sexy scene that not only causes the audience to flush, but makes sense as well. The coitus in The Cooler is refreshing, fun, and the tangling of bodies helps elevate the entire endeavor above its somewhat middling quality.

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Sign in. Cut to Sam Neill, who offers nothing. Watch now.

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But today it's something of a small miracle, not just because it was clearly put together with intelligence and care, but because it singlehandedly revives the art of the sex scene. As far as its treatment of sex goes, "The Cooler" is that rare picture that actually seems to have been made by and for adults. Somehow we've been brainwashed by the media to believe that contemporary movies are full of sex, that they're teeming with greased-up, naked bodies getting it on every which way.


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