Vaginal lubricant products

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You probably have heard about results of a study showing that some lubricants can damage vaginal tissues, making women more susceptible to such sexually transmitted diseases as herpeschlamydia and HIV. These women were tested for vaginal infections when the study began and again one year later. The researchers found that yeast infections and bacterial infections were most common among women who reported using products such as Vaseline petroleum jelly and baby oil — substances that are not intended for insertion into the vagina.

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One of the most irritating pun unintended side effects of menopause and aging for many women is vaginal dryness. We apply lotion to our face and hands, go to the gym, and eat healthy foods. But we rarely think about exercise for pelvic floor muscles which help with bladder control and elasticity of tissues in the region.

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YES water-based applicators are available in 6 packs, in a four pack for three multi-buy and in units of If you've tried our product why not rate it and add your review? If you have tried our products and would like to submit a review please complete the form below.

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Once you reach middle age, sex may not feel as good as it once did. Thinning vaginal tissues and dryness due to a lack of estrogen in menopause can make intimacy uncomfortable, or even painful. If vaginal dryness is mild or it only bothers you during sex, try a gel or liquid lubricant. Lubricants work quickly, and they offer short-term relief from pain and dryness during sex.

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Vaginal lubrication often occurs naturally during sexual excitement and arousal. Women vary in how much lubrication they produce and the amount of lubrication desired for pleasurable sexual activity — this variation is totally normal. Lubricants can be purchased online or at drugstores, many supermarkets, and sex-toy shops.

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About 32 million women in the US experience issues of vaginal dryness and vaginal irritation, so if you're looking for the best lubricant for menopausal dryness, you're not alone. Many women experience a host of unpleasant, annoying, and, sometimes, embarrassing symptoms of menopausesuch as menopausal dryness and vaginal inflammation, that result in difficult or painful sex. As estrogen levels drop, vaginal tissues might become thinner and shrinkresulting in dryness that makes sex uncomfortable.

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You know you're supposed to buy organic when you can, and opt for all-natural products with ingredients you can pronounce. But what about when it comes to more, ahem, personal products Some options, like petroleum jelly or mineral oil, sound good in theory but can actually increase your risk of developing bacterial vaginosis or other vaginal infections, says Alyssa DweckMD, a gynecologist in New York.

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This silicone-based lube comes in such an elegant bottle that you can place it on display next to your perfumes. It's surprisingly versatile, too. This unscented formula also works as a massage oil and can even be used to smooth and defrizz hair. Just don't forget that it's pretty spectacular for sex, too.

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Sexual lubricants for women are made to reduce friction during sex, making sex more enjoyable. You may need to experiment to find the right vaginal lubricant for you, but you'll be pleasantly surprised once you've found your favorite. Comfortable vaginal intercourse requires vaginal lubrication.

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Standard shipping is free to U. Filter by category, above, to find exactly the right sexual lubricant for your comfort and pleasure. Water-based vaginal lubricants give a natural feel and are safe with silicone vibrators or other objects.


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