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Palin delivered her usual diatribe against President Obama, including her take on his health care plan she called it "socialized medicine"his phased-in drilling plan she described it as "stall, baby, stall" and her impression of Obama's policies "I'm not calling anyone un-American, but the unintended consequences of these actions -- the results are un-American". While Palin was her typically hard-hitting self as she spoke, the most attention-grabbing part of the event followed her speech. After Palin finished speaking, a man acting as the emcee thanked Palin and said : "You hear that my lefty friends, you see that, conservative women -- they're smarter than you and they're hotter than you.

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She attends a luncheon with DC powerhouse and elite. Today, the hot debate in the style blogosphere revolves around Sarah Palin's choice in footwear : she recently stepped out at a work-y power lunch in D. Now, I don't know about you, but when I was in college, boots like these were reserved for Friday night keggers and went by another name—one that rhymed with, um, "truck three.

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It was Fey's first performance as the former Alaska governor since her iconic impressions during the presidential campaign when Palin was the Republican vice presidential candidate. Fey, 39, appeared as Palin in a sketch introducing a mock "Sarah Palin Network," satirizing Palin's entry into media. Fey also appeared in a sketch with musical guest year-old pop sensation Justin Bieberplaying a lonely teacher haunted by sexual fantasies of Bieber.

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When I had to chance to interact with former Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin at SkyBridge Capital's SALT conference, I was surprised to discover that she is intelligent, nice, knows the name of the newspapers that she reads, and has an elaborate tattoo on her ankle. When I asked if I could take a picture of Palin, she asked if I wanted to take a picture with her although she knew I was part of the "lamestream" media. Since airport security was escorting her, she did not have to say hello again and start talking to me again, but she did. Although security wanted to carry her suitcase for her, she insisted on rolling it on her own.

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Columns November 4, As I applied an extra coat of makeup and manipulated my brown locks into a half up-do, I had a Mel Brooks-esque epiphany. Then I stepped out to the balcony from my bedroom, looked to the south and realized I could see Mexico from my house.

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A crowd filled with famous faces gathered on Saturday to witness a momentous union — and in other news, Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. For Fey, that character is unquestionably her rendition of the vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. It was the highlight of the evening.

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She also wrote on her hand during the rally. Vietnam I guess to remember. At least this event garnered much deserved press. Most Americans have never heard of it before.

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Half of this staggering sum was spent at one store, the Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis. She was fiscally conservative, quietly religious, and kind-hearted. Why waste paper?

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Backstage in the arena, a little girl in Mary Janes pushes her brother in a baby carriage, stopping a few yards shy of a heavy, foot-long black curtain. When the girl, Piper Palin, turns around, she sees her parents thronged by admirers, and the crowd rolling toward her and the baby, her brother Trig, born with Down syndrome in Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd, bend down and give a moment to the children; a woman, perhaps a nanny, whisks the boy away; and Todd hands Sarah her speech and walks her to the stage. He pokes the air with one finger.


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