Revolt of the island of lesbos

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In B. The island of Lesbos, encouraged by Sparta and led by the oligarchs of its chief city, Mitylene, withdrew from its alliance with Athens. This revolt -- for so the Athenians saw it -- was crushed and the Athenian assembly voted to make an example of Lesbos in order to discourage future rebellions within the Empire.

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We invite you to begin a journey of exploration into the best Greece has to offer The Eastern Mediterranean was one of the first cradles of mankind. Not only modern man Homo sapiens sapiens but his predecessors Neanderthal man Homo sapiens neanderthalenis and Homo erectus settled early on the coasts, islands and inland regions of this area of the globe, so favored by nature.

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Mytilene, whose name is pre-Greek, is also the seat of a metropolitan bishop of the Orthodox church. From the 6th century bce the city suffered from dictators, wars with AthensPersian conquest, and civil revolts. It was made a free city under the Romans. From to the Gateluzzi family occupied the island, rebuilding the Byzantine fortress.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Information on the situation in Lesvos. Four of the 5 were not put in prison waiting for the trial because the authorities had not until recently found an interpreter to speak their dialect, and the fifth because he was heavily injured by the beating of the cops and was hospitalized.

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The Mytilenean revolt was an incident in the Peloponnesian War in which the city of Mytilene attempted to unify the island of Lesbos under its control and revolt from the Athenian Empire. In BC, the Mytilenean government planned a rebellion in concert with SpartaBoeotiaand certain other cities on the island, and began preparing to revolt by fortifying the city and laying in supplies for a prolonged war. These preparations were interrupted by the Athenian fleet, which had been notified of the plot, and the Mytileneans sent representatives to Athens to discuss a settlement, but simultaneously dispatched a secret embassy to Sparta to request support.

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Revolt of Mytilene Siege of Mytilene. The Mytilenean revolt was an incident in the Peloponnesian War in which the city of Mytilene attempted to unify the island of Lesbos under its control and revolt from the Athenian Empire. Mytilini Mytilenaean Midilli.

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It was fought between an alliance of the Ionian cities joined by the Lesbians and the Persian Empire of Darius the Greatand resulted in a decisive victory for the Persians which all but ended the revolt. The Ionian Revolt was triggered by the dissatisfaction of the Greek cities of Asia Minor with the tyrants appointed by Persia to rule them. In BC, the then-tyrant of MiletusAristagoraslaunched a joint expedition with the Persian satrap Artaphernes to conquer Naxosin an attempt to bolster his position in Miletus. The mission was a debacle, and sensing his imminent removal as tyrant, Aristagoras chose to incite the whole of Ionia into rebellion against the Persian king Darius the Great.

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Lesbos is also the name of a regional unit of the North Aegean region, within which Lesbos island is one of five governing islands. The others are ChiosIkariaLemnosand Samos. The capital of the North Aegean Region is Mytilene.

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The siege of Mytilene BC saw the Athenians defeat a revolt on the island of Lesbos, and is most famous for the two debates about the correct punishment for the rebels. Before the revolt the island of Lesbos was part of the Athenian alliance, but not a member of the more formal Athenian Empire. Instead the different communities on the island had retained their independence, and instead of paying taxes to Athens like the members of the empire, they continued to provide a contingent to the fleet and the army.