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The LeClaire, IA-based Byoot Company has created a one-piece bathing suit with a removable bottom -- so you can go to the bathroom without having to remove your entire suit. Take a lovely Sunday stroll through Le Claire and stop by our pop up shop! The Faithful Pilot from pm popupshop byootsuit Sundaystroll.

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When you go to the beach, though, there are a lot of things to think about. From applying sunscreen correctlyto not swimming too far out, to keeping your kids and pets safe in the sand and water, going to the beach comes with a lot of preparation work. Urine contains nitrates and phosphates, which can negatively impact coral — and coral reefs all over the world are suffering.

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That's why we asked Alyssa Dweck, M. Microabrasions also often occur during sex. Spermicide, lube, and condoms can also cause irritation if you have a sensitivity or allergy.

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That magical moment when you forget about the cold water around you and everything feels pleasant and fuzzy…. Probably only half of you will admit knowing that feeling, since the diving world is divided in two: Those who pee in their wetsuit with pride and those who will never admit doing it, or just never tried. Which half are you on?

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They go into the toilet cubicle; pull the bathing suit down; pee; wipe; pull suit back up; leave cubicle; wash hands; return to pool! IF I was a girl I would just pee in my bathing suit. It would feel weird at first but then it would be back to normal.

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We are finally getting some hot summer weather, which means we are getting the chance to get out in the sun Sure, there are a few women out there who have no qualms about wearing a bathing suit. They are supermodels and hairless.

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Sign up or log in to share. Im just gonna be honest - and gross - and say YES, I do pee through my bathing suit. It's just soo easy, guys don't know how hard it is, when you have to pee somewhere, where there isn't a toilet. It's hard not to get it everywhere.

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Sometimes, the closest bathroom at the beach is too far away for you to reach in time. This leaves you little choice but to go right where you are. Beaches are public places and are often filled with people.

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But the biggest drawback to wearing a onesie is the rather ungraceful removal process when you need to pee. Some onesies are easier than others — but either way, you always wind up basically butt-ass naked when going to the bathroom. And it's just plain awkward. Despite the bathroom issues that arise from wearing a onesie, I've still purchased countless varieties over the last year.


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