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Top definition. Someone who identifies as a woman, and is romantically and sexually interested in other women that's the "lesbian" part AND who dresses, acts, or speaks in ways that many people in society consider "masculine" that's the " butch " part. A butch lesbian is likely to feel more comfortable with short hair than long, and likely shops in the men's department a good chunk of the time.

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A soft butchor stem stud-femis a lesbian who exhibits some stereotypical butch traits without fitting the masculine stereotype associated with butch lesbians. Soft butch is on the spectrum of butch, as are stone butch and masculine, whereas on the contrary, ultra fem, high femme, and lipstick lesbian are some labels on the spectrum of lesbians with a more prominent expression of femininity, also known as femmes. The "hardness", or label depicting one's level of masculine expression as a butch is dependent upon the fluidity of her gender expression.

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The magazine tells the stories of butch women in her hometown Melbourne with portraits, interviews and essays - something she feels is lacking in her local area but also globally. Even ground-breaking TV series like the L-Word and Lip Service were void of well-rounded, masculine of-centre characters, she argues. Women with looks she was bowled over by felt the same way about her.

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Sitting in the middle of the Southern Californian desert, a few hours drive out of L. Back in its heyday in the s and 60s, it was a hangout for movie stars, and still to this day, half the streets in the town are named after celebrities like Ginger Rogers and Frank Sinatra, and all the architecture is straight out of a Rat Pack movie. Now, after a slump in the 70s, Palm Springs has undergone a strange revival as a lesbian and gay travel destination. On the Greyhound to Palm Springs, I meet a bunch of lesbians heading to the party also.

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The internet is a wonderful place for learning. You can pick up another language, a new craft, find recipes, and so much more — for free. Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to find and share information.

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This division was mainly along class lines, with the middle-class, educated women in the feminist camp, and the rest of us hanging around in bars, dressed in butch and femme attire and coupling up along those lines. Feminist theory rejected the notion of gender rules, and recognised masculinity and femininity as socially constructed rather than innate. I and many other feminists were often severely punished and discriminated against for refusing to conform to gender.

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A searchable database of the laws, people, organizations, and litigation involved in sexual and reproductive health and justice in the United States. Matter of fact what do I do if I do? In fact, they very, very rarely do.

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She was in the middle of a stunning speech reclaiming feminism for butches, when the audience screamed out for her to repeat a key sentence. So, Vazquez repeated. Just when it seemed the audience was on a total roar, we Butch Voices. A great hush fell over the audience as women realized we were hearing history —Vasquez and Feinberg—the later who may not ever speak publically again!

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Of course we messed around in Katherine's bed. My girlfriend quickly tired of tit-play and decided to go for it. I was holding the beautifully carved, antique wooden headboard, focusing on the bed's excellent craftsmanship in an effort to prevent myself from getting freaked out.

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When you picture a butch woman, who comes to mind? Maybe you picture an innocuous short-haired woman like Tig Notaro or Alison Bechdel, or a generic woman with dreadlocks, a strap-on and an easy smile, like Young M. Now what do you think these women like in bed? Go ahead, take a guess.


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