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I cooked potatoes, onions and mushrooms with it and they cooked in the roast juices and turned out perfect each time I tested it. To be completely honest, the first time I was going to try this out, I thought I was purchasing a plain old beef roast, not a round roast. Some kind of food blogger I am, huh?!

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The risk of oil fires and injury from hot oil spills, plus the mess and cost associated with the use of oil, means that oil baths no longer represent safe working practice in labs. Heating mantles are expensive, difficult to clean, do not respond well to spills and often create hot spots when heating. Scientists are increasingly turning to specially designed aluminium blocks located on stirring hotplates to heat standard round bottom flasks.

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National Hazard. International Hazard. Eastern European Lady of Mad Science.

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More Products. Q:Where have you exported your equipment? Q:Can you arrange the visit to your user? Can you customized the machine according to our requirements?

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Heat-sealed LinerPro form-fit round bottom drum liners provide an economic solution for protecting your products. LinerPro round bottom liners are ideal for use with viscous liquid, powder and particulate materials. These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied off to protect contents.

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Heat is transferred through a specially designed block to provide even distribution over the flask surface. Both are positioned in a stainless steel container designed to catch and hold samples in case the flask breaks. The stirrer is designed as intuitive, easy to use with the features for professional work.

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THE wok has been the basic Chinese cooking utensil for centuries. And why not? The design of this vessel is simple but superb: its generous, rounded shape permits quick searing of large or small quantities of food by stir-frying; it accomplishes deep frying with less oil than possible in a straight-sided pot; it accommodates steamer baskets of various sizes, and it may even be used to braise or smoke whole fish, chickens or large pieces of meat. The smooth, round shape simplifies cleaning and the metal conducts heat evenly and effectively.

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Telephone: They are manufactured to a very high standard and competitive with other brands of products with similar features, but more attractively priced. They have electronic speed control and maintain constant speed in the face of changes in load.

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The Atlas Stacking Dry Bath is a new way of heating round bottom flasks without the issues associated with oil baths. The Stacking Dry Bath has a series of concentric inserts to hold round bottom flasks from 50 mL to 1 L. The inserts provide excellent thermal transfer to optimize heating times.


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