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Part of the Editor's Choice series. The notion of secret identity is celebrated cross-culturally; worldwide, the entertainment and service industries exploit its implicit escapism, that very human urge to live out something beyond the ordinary, out of the grasp of the everyday. Secret identities have wandered through time, from the monstrous masks worn in animist tribal rituals to SecondLife avatars.

One of the things that sex and art have in common is the fact that both of them can be quite unconventional. Often rather than seldom, erotica expresses itself through art, and has been doing so ever since people were first able to depict this aspect of their life. When it comes to sexual fetishism, it is interesting to notice that the first notable works of fetish art came to be only in the s.

Mattia, you do a lot of things. What can you tell us about your work? A lot of my work is inspired by LGBT themes.

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I get that obesity or "inflation" art is popular for some reason I mean, I can clearly SEE that it isbut I find it revolting. As in, I don't like to browse recent or popular submissions because of it. In other words, it's directly and negatively impacting my use of the site and I'm far, far, FAR from the only one.

Fetish art can simply depict a person dressed in fetish clothing, which includes undergarments, stockings, high heels, corsets and boots. A common fetish theme is a woman dressed as a dominatrix. Many of the 'classic' s, s and s-era fetish artists such as Eric Stanton and Gene Bilbrew began their careers at Irving Klaw 's Movie Star News company later Nutrixcreating drawings for episodic illustrated bondage stories.

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First, he could draw beautiful sexy women but chose to portray them in physical combat or bound, strapped, and gagged in the best dominance tradition. Why he did that is a question for his psychoanalyst, not me. Wikipedia sums him up this way avoiding Ditko :. While Stanton began his career as a bondage fantasy artist for Irving Klaw, the majority of his later work depicted gender role reversal and proto-feminist female dominance scenarios.

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NOTE: We are not against the people who make fetish art, we are just criticizing it. If you like any of these fetishes, we respect your opinion. Fetish art also known as Internet Paraphillias is a type of art intended to appeal to sexual fetishes.

The fearful is beautiful, the horrific is erotic. Both kawaii and fear coexist in his paintings. The adorable and the strange based on bloody fantasy and insanity with a tinge of the occult.


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