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Would you like to sound different from your peers and have your own distinctive sound on guitar? In this article you will learn the exact process great guitarists use whether they know it or not to master guitar licks and make them their own. You may have had the joy of copying or learning a guitar lick, but did you really learn that lick inside out?

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Example 2 has us employing hybrid picking using a hybrid of downstrokes and middle finger plucks on the picking hand that has the phrase descending with a few bumps back up along the way rather than just descending through the notes only. This is similar to how Greg Howe might approach an idea like this and by the way, Greg learned to play guitar by figuring out songs from records and then making them his own— go figure! Example 3 is a repeated pattern that retains that Greg Howe feel with a little hybrid picking you can also use alternate picking or directional picking, but I think hybrid picking is actually easiest.

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The rhythmic groupings are off. All of the above. Maybe breaking it down would help.

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What could you possibly gain from it? But more importantly, you should listen to the music you like, just as much as you practice it. This will help you develop an intuitive sense of continuity in improvisation and composition. Licks are memorable musical phrases that can be strung together to create a solo, fill in behind a vocal phrase or simply spruce up the end of a tune.

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Improvising with arpeggios is a great way to dig into chord changes, bringing out the exact sound of each chord in your lines. While scales and modes are great for outlining keys and creating modal colors, when you want to sound each chord in a progression, arpeggios are the way to go. While they are great for outlining chord changes, arpeggios can often become boring or predictable when you overuse them in a solo.

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Almost every rock guitarist knows his minor pentatonic scales inside and out, as they are the backbone of rock and blues soloing, song structures and chord progressions. This is a basic pattern that many of you may already know. For many of the note pairs I barre a finger across two adjacent strings at the same fret.

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By submitting your info, you agree to send it to Tom Hess Music Corporation who will process and use it according to their privacy policy. Imagine improvising killer guitar solos that drip with emotion and express what you hear in your head. Problem 1: You are playing too many notes, without refining each lick you play.

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Jazz guitar licks can keep you out of trouble? If you are like most musicians, there might be a trouble spot in your playing or performance areas that could use a little work. Learning a few jazz guitar licks just might help to keep you out of trouble in your playing and even provide a creative base to build on. There are a few basic things to learn first.

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They can provide a safe "fall back" option when you're playing on the spot during an improvised solo, or when you simply need to fill out a solo with some tried and tested phrases. The problem is, most guitarists don't know how to learn guitar licks in a truly productive way. That means being able to apply the lick in your own music, in a variety of situations and connect the lick seamlessly to the rest of your solo, wherever you are on the fretboard.

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Erik Pihl — November 1, Whether experienced or a beginner his teaching style never comes across as condescending. He teaches everyone equally and that makes him equally special.


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