Breast cancer + smoking

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Breast cancer survivors who are smokers and continue to smoke after their diagnosis are more likely to die from breast cancer than breast cancer survivors who have never been smokers, according to findings from the Collaborative Breast Cancer Study. The smokers were also more likely to die from respiratory cancer, respiratory disease, or cardiovascular disease. It involved more than 20, women who were diagnosed with breast cancer between and

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Tobacco smoke contains chemicals that have been linked to cancerfrom both active and passive smoking. The use of cigarettes has been linked to stroke, coronary heart disease, and many cancers, including lung cancer and breast cancer. Tobacco smoke is a mixture of gases and chemicals that is sent into the air during the burning of tobacco products or from the smoke that is exhaled by a smoker.

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Research has shown that some things can increase your chance of getting breast cancer. These are called 'risk factors'. However, as we are all different, risk factors will not affect us all in the same way.

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The authors examined the relation between cigarette smoking and breast cancer in the Centers for Disease Control Cancer and Steroid Hormone Study, a multicenter, population-based case-control study. The study compared 4, women aged years with newly diagnosed breast cancer identified through population-based tumor registries with 4, women randomly selected from the same geographic areas. Women who reported ever smoking cigarettes had a risk of breast cancer of 1. There was no consistent dose-response pattern with any measure of smoking pack-years of smoking, average number of cigarettes per day, or total years smoked and little difference in risk between current and former smokers.

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Older age is the main risk factor for cancer. This largely reflects cell DNA damage accumulating over time. Damage can result from biological processes or from exposure to risk factors.

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A major new prospective study funded by Breast Cancer Now has found that smoking is associated with an increased risk of breast cancerparticularly among those who began smoking during adolescence and those with a family history of the disease. It has been thought for some time that smoking might increase breast cancer risk, with a number of plausible biological reasons being suggested due to the carcinogenic effects of tobacco smoke — but previous epidemiological studies have produced inconsistent evidence into the link between the two. The findings — published today in Breast Cancer Research — may also have particularly important implications for women already at an increased risk of breast cancer due to having a family history of the disease.

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Smoking was established as a cause of lung cancer in the late s. It then took another 50 years to establish that colorectal cancer was also a smoking-related cancer. However, as ofa causal relationship between smoking and breast cancer had not yet been established.

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The precise connection between smoking and breast cancer is still unclear, but there does appear to be some sort of link. Let's examine this interesting relationship more closely and explore what it means for you and your health. The link between smoking and cancers, in general, is undeniable.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. The effect of smoking on breast cancer risk was evaluated in a population-based case-control study, including 1, women diagnosed with breast cancer in Denmark between — The control group was an age-stratified sample of 1, women from the general population.


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