Birth control pills and teen acne

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But you may have also heard horror stories about birth control causing major breakouts — some types of BC can actually make acne worse, and obvi you want to know which is which before you commit. So what type of birth control is best for your skin? Hormonal birth control prevents pregnancy by regulating your hormone levels — and that includes the hormones that are often to blame for acne.

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Just in case you're not painfully aware, acne can be a PIA at any age. The cause? Your constantly fluctuating hormones, of course.

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Girls who are diagnosed with PCOS are often prescribed oral contraceptives to lower their hormone levels and regulate their menstrual periods. Similar hormones are normally made by the ovaries. There are many different types of oral contraceptive pills.

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Though typically safe and effective, birth control pills for acne combination estrogen-progestin pills aren't for everyone. Side effects can include headache, breast tenderness, nausea, weight gain, breakthrough bleeding and a slightly increased risk of blood clots. Talk to your doctor about how your health history and age may affect your risks with birth control pills for acne.

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Here in the beauty department, we've already told you about one particular pill that could help with your acne. You know it as Accutaneand while it certainly works for most who try it, it's a pretty major and serious commitment. But there's another pill you can take that's a lot less medically controversial.

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Acne is a source of skin irritation that can range from mild to severe. Androgens are present in women and become active in the teenage years for both men and women. They cause sebaceous glands to produce more sebumor oil.

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Oral contraceptives, more commonly known as birth control pills, can effectively treat acne in some women. For years, doctors have used oral contraceptives off-label as acne treatments. Today, only a handful of oral contraceptives are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration as acne treatments.

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Do you continue to see acne along your lower face, jawline, and neck despite trying all sorts of acne treatments? Have you taken an antibiotic to treat your acne and been disappointed with the results? Are you struggling to clear acne on your chest or back as well? Any medication that acts on our hormones is called hormonal therapy.

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NCBI Bookshelf. Using birth control pills as a form of contraception can improve the complexion of girls and women who have acne. Certain types of pills might be somewhat more effective in treating acne than others.

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Skip navigation! Story from Skin Deep. Elizabeth Bennett. According to recent researchadult acne is on the rise.


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