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World Kindness Day is observed internationally on 13 November. And this campaign reminds us to be kind. It won 10 Lions at Cannes Lions

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There are few people on this earth with a bigger ego than Yeezy. He literally has to be the most self involved, selfish, egotistical, arrogant douche of this modern age—and believe me, with the likes of Bono around there are a LOT to choose from. Speaking to Khloe Kardashian reporting for E!

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Asshole-Driven development ADD — Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions is asshole driven development. All wisdom, logic or process goes out the window when Mr. Asshole is in the room, doing whatever idiotic, selfish thing he thinks is best.

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The findings, published in the most recent issue of Foreign Affairssupport recent speculation that America's unquestioned reign as the leading super-prick may soon be drawing to a close, leaving China as the foremost shithead among all developed nations. According to the report, China has slowly emerged as a massive fucker over the past half century, a period of egotistical growth unseen since America's booming douche years following World War II. Over that same time, China has seen a dramatic rise in both its GDP and Shithead Index, definite signs that the Asian nation is developing into a cocksucker of global proportions.

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Top definition. The equivalent term of bitch for a man. An inconsiderate, arrogant, uncaring, selfish, borderline sadistic, apathetic, mean, spiteful, dishonorablebastard of a man who could tempt the Pope into a fight.

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Time makes us wiser, but it also shines a light on the failings of our past - namely, what dumbass inconsiderate assholes we were. It makes sense - kids are impetuous, lack patience, and overall haven't developed their empathetic skills enough to understand what total dicks they're capable of being to people who don't deserve it And then we get older and do develop some better interpersonal skills - and the horrible things we did in our youth come flooding back in memories.

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Since riding down a golden escalator to announce his candidacy for office, Donald Trump has angrily blathered ad nauseam about America getting ripped off. In addition to charges that the president used charitable donations to pay off golf debts and acquire portraits of himself, hundreds of liens, lawsuits, and judgements have accused the former real-estate developer of failing to pay people for their work, including dishwashers, plumbers, waiters, bartenders, real-estate brokers, and law firms. My obligation right now is to do well for myself, my family, my employees, for my companies.

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The book's title in the U. In corporate America, if you are ambitious, or if you just want to go for the big money, it more than helps to be an asshole. To become an asshole, Kihn builds a team, consisting of an acting coach, life coach and both personal and dog trainer — to help "master the art of assholism. I'd spent a lifetime seeing therapists and psychiatrists, and following things like The Warrior Diet.


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