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There were once around 12, black rhinos in Zambia but the population was wiped out, with rhinos being declared extinct in the country in Sinceconservationists have been working hard to reintroduce the animals and are now discovering new ways to sustain their growing population. The conservationists are dedicated to their work, using a mixture of technology and on-foot tracking to cover the 22, square kilometre park.

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THE chief object of the following notes is to confirm what may seem the hazardous assertions of the text, and to show that imagination, wherever practicable, has helped itself cautiously forward by a hand placed on the shoulder of fact. Many of the extracts from antiquarian or scientific works, may seem to the general reader of unusual length, but he may rest assured, that they all contain matter in which he may reasonably feel some interest. The facts connected with the subjects of this work, have furnished for many years topics for the zealous and enthusiastic research and discussion of intelligent Americans throughout the whole country, and which are likely to prove more attractive to the imagination, the farther we recede from the gray and venerable age in which they existed.

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Peter Watts. Originally published by Tor Books. In memory of Strange Cat, a.

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The year-old fetish model from Atlanta, Georgia has held the Guinness World Record for her eye-poppingly voluptuous cleavage since Unbelievably her enormous boobs, which weigh a staggering 65lbs each and are over four and a half foot in length, are still growing. He boosted my confidence continually told me I was beautiful and accepted me and my kids. After dating for five years the pair got married and Allen encouraged Annie to start making the most of her super-size breasts.

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This is a list of animals whose names appear in the Bible. Whenever required for the identification, the Hebrew name will be indicated, as well as the specific term used by zoologists. This list will include names such as griffonlamiaSiren and unicornwhich, though generally applied to fabulous beings, have nevertheless, because of misunderstandings or educational prejudices of the Greek and Latin translators, crept into the versions, and have been applied to real animals.

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Somehow it made it, thanks to a hunger for the new, fed by a relentless and restless youthful momentum. Kris Needs says thank you for the days…. But who is the surprise band being hinted at throughout?

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Awakening to a general public awareness of a climate crisis driven by fossil fuel burning we are now entering the throes of. This likely presages a July that will be globally the hottest July ever recorded in Much of this excess July heat was centered on the polar zones during the month — resulting in serious ice loss for both Greenland and the floating Arctic sea ice.

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IT may be said that the dawn of African civilization came full circle in Egypt, but that the earliest glimmer of the light which turned the darkness into day for all the earth first issued from the inner land. The veriest beginning must have been coeval with the creature that first developed a thumb to wield a weapon or to shape an implement for human use, when in the far-off past but little difference could have been detected twixt the monkey and the Pygmy race of human aborigines. It is improbable that we shall get back any nearer to a beginning for the human being among the types extant than with those forest dwarfs, of whom a recent traveller says: "They have no records or traditions of the past, no regard for time, nor any fetish rites; they do not seek to know the future by occult means, as do their neighbours; in short, they are, to my thinking, the closest link with the original Darwinian anthropoid apes extant.

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Love After an Apocalypse Holocaust survivor Marceline Loridan-Ivens never stopped grappling with loss—or fighting to live. Leana Wen. China and the United States are leading the pack—and the laggards face grave dangers.

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