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Do you like your video games with an extra helping of naked, bald dude? It appears as though a game studio in LA will be fulfilling your desires come August 1. Superannuation caught the incredible Craigslist ad that we couldn't help but share with the world, calling for bald men who are willing to "shave all body hair.

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To achieve this Yondu look you can either shave your head, or, apply a bald cap. All the products used have been listed and linked within the description bar of the video. Enjoy, Shonagh.

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Zero Dark Thirty. Every year, the month of December brings with it the usual bevy of critic awards and top 10 lists. Award season gets into overdrive.

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Raw talent, maniacal dedication, and genetic blessings aside, perhaps it was Jordan's baldness that facilitated the aerodynamic prowess allowing him to leap so absurdly high. Oscar-winning director; cofounder of one of most successful production companies in Hollywood; narrator of Arrested Development. No such sweet deal for brother Clint.

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Bad hair day? What little hair it possesses does nothing to dispel this impression. For many human males of a certain age, a dwindling supply of hair is inevitable.

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The Bald Man remains with Olaf through several of his schemes to obtain the Baudelaire fortune. Olaf introduces his troupe to the children while the children are in the kitchen preparing dinner for them. After Olaf and the rest of the troupe move to the dining room, the bald man briefly stays behind and scares Violetthe eldest child, by telling her that she's a "pretty one", and that she should be careful otherwise Olaf would wreck that "pretty little face of hers".

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For centuries, men have been trying to find cures for fading follicles. The condition plagued the Ancient Egyptians, Julius Caesar, and Greek physician Hippocrates, whose proposed hairline-helpers ranged from pigeon droppings to castration. Because, as it turns out, there are plenty of reasons you should appreciate your chrome dome.

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People who believe male pattern baldness is caused by excessive testosterone i. As with most common "factlets" about the Bald, this is as far from the truth as a bald man is from winning a beauty contest. I am, aged 28, balder than my father was until he was more than twice that age.

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A new charity calendar is challenging the perceptions of beauty by featuring stunning models who have no hair. The calendar from PrettyBald stars twelve brave ladies who have bared-all to raise awareness and money for Alopecia UK. Light-hearted pictures feature the women on a break in the country and each lady also has a stunning portrait.

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Please note that this site uses cookies to personalise content and adverts, to provide social media features, and to analyse web traffic. Click here for more information. I teased my dad about being bald, so he told me he was going to draw lots of rabbits on his head.


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