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The intimate images, which included shots of his penis and of him masturbating, had in fact been published by Dabbs himself on various Twitter accounts he created. Some had even been taken during his year marriage and in the bedroom at the home the couple had shared in Sheerness, Kent. She couldn't believe what he had done and decided to bring it to other people's attention.

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For years, cybercriminals have been extorting victims by locking their computers with malware. The hackers promise to give the victim their files back as long as they fork over the cryptocurrency—typically Bitcoin—within the stipulated time limit. Now, someone has added a new, perverse twist to this tried and tested scheme : demanding naked photographs instead of Bitcoin.

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Now, speaking anonymously in a new Reddit threadseveral victims of revenge porn have come forward to reveal what happened to them when their intimate or naked photos were maliciously leaked. And, judging by their comments, it seems as if there is still a lot of work to be done in cracking down on perpetrators of this invasive crime. Read more: Leaked photos of celebrities are no better than revenge porn. My face was showing in them and I would never have consented to them being put online for anyone to see.

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Thanks to Rowland Yu of SophosLabs for his behind-the-scenes work on this article. Several popular Android apps in Google Play are rigged with a third-party library that continuously pops up ads even if the user tries to force close them. So far, more than 40 apps on Google Play use the library, which has been downloaded up to 6 million times.

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Join overinformation security professionals — Get the best of our cyber security coverage delivered to your inbox every morning. Facebook 'Watch naked video of friends' malware scam infects 2 million people. We have seen a lot of Facebook malware and virus infections spreading through friends list, and this time a new clickjacking scam campaign is going viral on Facebook.

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More than private pictures of female celebrities were leaked on the Internet on August 31 after a hacker allegedly breached Apple iCloud accounts. Various celebrities, including award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, have called for an investigation into how the hacker breached their accounts. Apple has also said they would look into the security of their iCloud service.

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Ok, not as cool as Superman, but direct naked IP requests are something you should definitely think about while protecting your company from a preventive or detect-and-respond perspective. Although the routable IPv4 address space is finite, using IP addresses only would be like trying to remember the phone number of everyone in your contacts list if it contained the population of Earth several times over. So it begs a few questions: why would someone hard code an IP address into a request? Did the destination site developer figure they would never have to change IP addresses?

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Recently, hundreds of intimate and revealing photos of female celebrities, including Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, were posted online, apparently after being stolen from their iCloud accounts. Some of those images, many of which were presumably taken with iPhones and other Apple devices, had reportedly been deleted from iCloud years earlier. We have discovered that certain celebrity accounts were compromised by a very targeted attack on user names, passwords and security questions, a practice that has become all too common on the Internet.

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Sites that were previously confirmed to be malicious but have displayed benign activity for at least 30 days. Sites sharing a domain with a known malicious site. Should not include websites providing remote access, such as web based VPN solutions.


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